The story begins in 1875, when Jean and Georges Giovanna founded their company in Montreux, Switzerland.

In 1858, Jean, aged 14, began an apprenticeship in goldsmithing in Paris. The journey begins with the crossing of the Simplon Pass, on foot and by stagecoach. On his way Jean faced snow storms and violent gusts of wind. When he arrived in Sierre, he continued his journey towards Paris.

In 1863, Georges, the younger, chose to move to the Pays de Gex. There he initiates himself to the secrets of the hardware and lamp industry.

In 1875, after the war, the two brothers met in Montreux. Then, they decided to found the Giovanna Frères company, a business active in hardware and boiler making.


Humbert, son of Georges, takes over the tin smithing part and specializes in sanitary installations.


With the rise of tourism and the construction of numerous hotels, demand increased. The workshops moved to larger premises.


For the first time the company is using stainless steel, a material that is still little known and completely revolutionary.


Giovanna becomes a public limited company and Henri, Georges’ grandson, creates the Ginox department: stainless steel makes its grand entrance into building technology.


With the rise of tourism and the construction of many hotels, demand increased. The workshops moved to larger premises.


The company builds a new hall and invests in more modern machinery and tools.


The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.


A new extension of the factory will allow the regrouping in Clarens of all the company’s departments.


The company loses Henri Giovanna, who was the driving force and cement behind Ginox for over 50 years. Olivier Giovanna, his son, takes over the reins of the company.


Patent granted for the ball filter of the ventilation hood.


Ginox manufactures industrial parts in space.


Giovanna Holding SA is founded as the umbrella company for the group’s operational units. Jérôme Hofer, representing the 5th generation, succeeds Olivier Giovanna at the head of the company.


Establishment of Ginox UAE LLC in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, and opening of a production plant for the Middle East countries.


Inauguration in Chailly-sur-Montreux of the group’s new production site, an ultra-modern factory with a strong focus on design.


Opening of a showroom in Bangkok. The group celebrates its 140th anniversary that same year.


Ginox Swiss Kitchen inaugurates its new facility in the United Arab Emirates and wins the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone Excellence Award (2018) for Best New Technology.