Ginox Swiss Kitchen is a worldwide brand, with a heritage dating back to the 19th century.

In Switzerland and the neighboring regions, Ginox Swiss Kitchen is at the forefront of providing and producing elegantly designed kitchens. Tailor-made and precision manufactured to the highest standards, for professional and domestic use, with a first-class price/performance ratio.

Ginox Swiss Kitchen has relationships with partners who share the same ambition and commitment to quality.

In the rest of Europe and in the Middle East and Africa, Ginox Swiss Kitchen is a Swiss quality supplier furniture provisor of high quality and durable stainless steel furniture and equipment. It is present in categories where it can clearly differentiate itself through innovation and protect its intellectual property.



The customer value chain

Ginox Swiss Kitchen will support its client throughout the value chain and the life cycle of the client’s investment and project.

Training company

As part of our continuing quest for improvement and development. We are constantly training apprentices and our in house teams. We are regularly collaborating with all our partners for training sessions and research initiatives. The high-precision manufacturing techniques require highly qualified personnel and we strive to always be improving.


Ginox Swiss Kitchen is proud to present a handpicked selection of our references.

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