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Through a diverse range of social initiatives, Ginox Swiss Kitchen devotes its expertise and time in order to bring its support to important global and local projects.

We are proud to be able to put our resources at the disposal of selected partners to provide support and assistance.

These programs align themselves with our individual and corporate values. We participate to the betterment of our fellows and various communities. If you would like to know more or participate please contact-us and feel free to share your project.


The Refettorio Geneva is managed by the non-profit organisation Fondazione Mater.

The activities of Refettorio help to reduce social vulnerability and promote the well-being of people living in precarious situations, while fostering inclusiveness through the integration of human sciences, art, education, training and culinary studies.

Refettorio Geneva aims to strengthen the ecosystem of empathy and compassion that is historically anchored in Geneva. By gathering community organisations, private partners, the general public, government actors and volunteers, Refettorio promotes good environmental practices with programmes and services that open up pathways for social and economic mobility.

In order to support this project of high social value, Ginox Swiss Kitchen has been at the service of the chef and his team, providing them with professional and qualitative facilities. These were partly donated to the establishment by Ginox SA.

Our other commitments


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Ginox, which pays great attention to the environment, decided to support the project by offering the professional kitchen.

Golf Club de Lavaux

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The Lavaux Golf Club is located in a magnificent setting between Lausanne and Montreux, offering a postcard view of the Alps and the Swiss countryside.


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The project was born when Stéphanie des Arts-Loup, co-founder of the project, returned to her home country in 2009.


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