The ecoAzur® technology used by GINOX enables hoods to save substantial amounts of energy thanks to a system of optical and temperature sensors that detects cooking activity.

Through sophisticated algorithms, ecoAzur® boosts the performance of the ventilation system using modulating dampers that independently regulate the extraction flow rate of several hoods connected to a single fan. It is also possible to directly control the extractor’s frequency inverter for small systems.

A Cloud based platform can be used to remotely monitor the system’s status and performance, and to compare the performance of several systems.


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Turnkey solution for any kitchen and ventilation system

Can also be integrated in to existing hoods (retrofitting)
Modulating dampers installed to avoid the need for welding or cleaning of existing ducts
Suitable for hoods of any size, style or technology
Compatible with all frequency inverter brands

Optimized energy savings

Energy savings of up to 70%
The only product on the market capable of continuously modulating flow rates between 0% and 100%
Sensor always active, immediate response

Unrivalled robustness and performance

Water- and grease-resistant
Safe, hygienic design
Continuous automatic calibration
Easy and intuitive for chefs to use

Ginox Swiss Kitchen Service throughout your system’s service life

Installation audit
Energy consumption audit
Design and interface with ventilation engineers
Installation and commissioning
Remote monitoring

Technical specifications

Processor type Max. number of sensors Output channels/ventilation equipment Modulating flaps Hood lighting (max. charge) Cloud option ecoAzur®
ecoAzur® Lite 75 terminals 4 No 6A Compatible
ecoAzur® Standard 75 terminals 4,8 No 12A Compatible
ecoAzur® Plus 75 terminals 4,8,12,16,20 Yes 12A Compatible

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The LED lighting installed in Ginox Swiss Kitchen ventilation hoods ensures ideal and comfortable working conditions for users…


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The ecoAzur® technology integrated by Ginox Swiss Kitchen allows the hoods to contribute to substantial energy savings thanks to a cooking activity detection system composed of optical sensors


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The PulsAir induction technology integrated in the Ginox Swiss Kitchen ventilation hoods reduces the exhaust flow rate by up to 20% while guaranteeing the efficiency of the system.


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The LED lighting installed in Ginox Swiss Kitchen ventilation hoods ensures ideal and comfortable working conditions for users.

Other hoods


Integral grease removal, self-cleaning, biotechnology, clay ball filters and mist function.


Ultraviolet and baffle filter grease removal.


For solid fuel cooking equipment.


Condensate hood for dishwashing areas.


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