From Las Vegas to Dubai passing through Geneva.

After Paris, New York, Hong Kong and six other cities around the world, the famous Atelier Robuchon is now settled in Geneva.

The restaurant is managed by Olivier Jean’s expert hand,  a loyal follower of the master with whom he did most of his training, up to the Atelier in Taipei, which he managed for seven years.

Ginox Swiss Kitchen’s mission

Ginox Swiss Kitchen was commissioned to create the kitchen installations for the famous Atelier Robuchon, located in the new Woodward Palace on Quai Wilson in Geneva.

The site was composed of different areas, on the basement level, the creation of a complete kitchen production, with areas for hot and cold and cold zones, a bakery/pastry shop and a fishmonger’s area.

On the ground floor, the open kitchen developed according to the Robuchon concept with its black powder-coated worktops is accompanied by a ware washing area with a washing tunnel, a drinks cabinet and a bar.


Technical specifications

Localisation Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
Year of installation 2021 2021
Type of realisation Gastronomic restaurant
Technology Gastronomic kitchen
Different cooking equipment                       Different cooking equipment                                       Washing tunnels


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