Optimising storage space

Available in fixed or adjustable versions, our shelves are detachable from the wall for easy cleaning.

Made with all the Ginox expertise, they comply with HACCP regulations.

Perfect for use as storage shelves or in a laundry.

Ginox Swiss Kitchen Commissary Shelving is an attractive and useful choice for any professional kitchen. The elegant and modern shelving adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen space, while providing a practical and hygienic storage solution for ingredients and kitchen supplies.

Our fittings


The FREE FLOW range consists of Bain-Marie, hot plates, static and ventilated cold tanks.

mobile equipment

Made of high quality materials to ensure long life and optimal functionality.


Our 1.4301 stainless steel shelves, 1.5mm thick, are designed for ease of use.

stainless steel by ginox

Find our wide range of furniture combining design, quality and ease of use.


Ginox Swiss Kitchen is proud to present a handpicked selection of our references.

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