The PERFORMAIR range of Ginox hoods combines pure design with biotechnological innovation

GINOX offers its customers an ideal user experience, tailor-made and high quality catering solutions. GINOX ventilation hoods are distinguished by their filtration efficiency, fumes captation performance, durability and sleek design. The Swiss Made engineering of GINOX ventilation hoods is the result of 50 years of continuous research and development. The R&D department is attentive to users and integrates the latest technological innovations in the field of filtration, cleaning, connectivity, flow regulation and energy savings.

In the range of kitchen ventilation hoods, the PERFORMAIR line embodies the innovative and pioneering spirit of GINOX. Developed in the 1980s, it is characterized by a patented ball filtration technology that allows for the complete degreasing of the extracted air. The total filtration efficiency reduces the maintenance cost of the ventilation ducts and extractors significantly. The PERFORMAIR hood is self-cleaning, autonomous and automated. Cold water cleaning combined with a unique biotechnological solution, an important source of water and energy savings, replaces the traditional hot soapy water wash. Various sizes and options are available to adapt the hood to the ever more specific requirements of professional kitchens.


EcoAzur®: demand control ventilation
The modulation of the exhaust air volumes is based on the continuous measurement of cooking intensity by means of optical and temperature sensors. The system generates economical savings of up to 60% of the energy cost of air heating and conditioning, as well as extraction and make-up fans.

PulsAir: air induction
The GINOX PulsAir induction system improves extraction efficiency by reducing the residence time of fumes in the hood. The direct effect of PulsAir is a reduction of the required extraction air flow rate. Induction is made by using ambient or make-up air, depending on the need.

Interior design lighting
Our range of aesthetic, waterproof and heat resistant LED spotlights and LED panel offers the interior designer a full range of colour temperatures from 2700K to 4000K. As an option, our lights are dimmable and DALI compatible.

Frontal make-up air diffuser
The make-up air outlet integrated in the front of the hood saves money and space in the ceiling by reducing the number of make-up air diffusers required.

Laminar air flow make-up air cassette
The low velocity and laminar flow of make-up air reduces air mixing in the kitchen. Thus the exhaust air flow rate required for kitchen ventilation is reduced.

Fire detection and suppression
Our fire detection and suppression systems protect not only the cooking equipment but also the hood’s filtration plenum and spigots, complying with local and international standards. Several fire detection technologies such as fuses and pressurized tubes are available depending of local requirements and customer’s preferences.

Drain pump
Typically used for front-of-the-house applications with island mounted hoods, where no visible drain piping is wanted. The drain pump water lifting system is the ultimate solution to evacuate water discreetly.

Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring allows continuous tracking of cleaning agent’s level, status of wash cycles and filter clogging. It facilitates preventive maintenance and allows automatic delivery of cleaning agent.

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Welded construction, made entirely of stainless steel, brushed finish, meeting the highest standards of hygiene and durability.

Air intake
Air intake through a patent pending double intake panel that greatly reduces pressure drops. Increased hood exhaust capacity, compact design.

Patented filtration system, eliminating all grease in the ventilation ducts, minimizing the risk of fire. Guaranteed efficiency over a wide range of airflow speeds.

Automated filter cleaning with a biotechnological solution combined with cold water. Very low water and energy consumption.

Biotechnological solution decomposing fats. Meets the strictest HACCP hygiene and safety requirements.

The PERFORMAIR hood reduces overall annual maintenance costs by more than 50%. No handling of filters, maintenance of ventilation ducts and grease in the fans.

Fully modular construction that can be adapted to any building and ceiling constraint.

Large LED lights, aesthetic, economical, dismountable, IP56 waterproof, high temperature resistant.

Hood delivered in one piece or to be assembled on site for easy access to installation areas. Easy to assemble.