The PERFORMAIR range of Ginox hoods combines pure design with biotechnological innovation

GINOX offers its customers an ideal user experience, tailor-made and high quality catering solutions. GINOX ventilation hoods are distinguished by their filtration efficiency, durability and sleek design. The Swiss Made engineering of GINOX ventilation hoods is the result of continuous research and development for 50 years. The R&D department is attentive to users and integrates the latest technological innovations in the field of filtration, cleaning, connectivity, flow regulation and energy savings. In the range of kitchen ventilation hoods, the PERFORMAIR line embodies the innovative and pioneering spirit of GINOX.

Developed in the 1980s, it is characterised by a patented ball filtration technology that allows for the complete degreasing of the extracted air. The total filtration efficiency reduces the maintenance cost of the ventilation ducts and extractors significantly. The PERFORMAIR hood is self-cleaning, autonomous and automated. Cold water cleaning combined with a unique biotechnological solution, an important source of water and energy savings, replaces the traditional hot soapy water wash. Various sizes and options are available to adapt the hood to the ever more specific requirements of professional kitchens.


Peripheral air compensation
Peripheral diffusion of compensation air at very low velocity (0.3 to 0.5 m/s) by large surface area modules, guaranteeing the absence of draughts for unequalled user comfort.

Generation of a vertical laminar air flow increasing the efficiency of the ventilation and allowing the reduction of exhaust air flow rates.

Built-in fire extinguisher
Fire detection and extinguishing system integrated into the hood and ducts, complying with local and international standards.

ecoAzur®: automatic flow regulation
Automatic detection of cooking activity and intensity by means of optical and temperature sensors. The system makes it possible to considerably reduce and modulate the ventilation according to the activity in the kitchen, generating savings of up to 60% on heating and air conditioning costs and on the electrical consumption of the air extractors.

Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring of cleaning agent level, number of wash cycles and filter clogging for easy maintenance.

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Welded construction, made entirely of stainless steel, Scotch- Brite finish, meeting the highest standards of hygiene and durability.

Patented filtration system, eliminating up to 99% of grease in the ventilation ducts, minimising the risk of fire. Efficiency over a wide range of suction speeds.

Easily accessible grease collection channels, easy cleaning, simplifying maintenance.

Automated filter cleaning with a biotechnological solution combined with cold water only. Very low water and energy consumption.

Fully modular construction, which can be adapted to any constraint of the building, very easy to implement.

Fat decomposing solution. Meets the strictest HACCP hygiene and safety requirements.

Full length LED light, IP56 waterproof, high temperature resistant, aesthetic and economical.

The PERFORMAIR hood reduces overall annual maintenance costs by more than 50%. No handling of filters, maintenance of ventilation channels and grease in the fans.

Hood delivered in one piece or to be assembled on site allowing easy access to the installation areas.