This collaboration reflects our passion for gastronomy and our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

Refettorio Geneva is a restaurant serving free meals made from donated ingredients from local supermarkets and providers. In addition to delicious and nutritive meals served by the restaurant for those in need, it also created a community where people can gather and share.

The new Ginox Swiss Kitchen’s film illustrates how the company contributed to this project providing some high-quality kitchen equipment and collaborating with chefs to create delicious meals made from locally sourced ingredients. The film shows also the beauty of the restaurant room, carefully created by talented designers, offering an enjoyable and warming environment for its customers.

This partnership between Ginox Swiss Kitchen and the Refettorio Geneva is an example illustrating how the companies can use their expertise to support projects with a positive impact upon the community and the environment. While helping to create a qualitative restauration room, Ginox Swiss Kitchen allowed Refettorio Geneva to maintain the distribution of free meals, encouraging durability and social responsibility.

The new Ginox Swiss kitchen’s film is an inspiring tribute to this successful collaboration and to the company’s commitment toward gastronomy and sustainability. We are hoping that this film will inspire other companies to support projects with a positive impact upon local communities and the environment.

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