Ginox Swiss Kitchen is constantly innovating and designing functional, efficient and elegant appliances.

With welded construction entirely in stainless steel, meeting the highest standards of hygiene and durability, our food refrigeration ranges are designed and produced to guarantee the highest level of energy efficiency.

Our stand-alone COLD range is exclusively cooled with R290, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant on the market. Low energy consumption is ensured through reinforced insulation, innovative design and optimal control.

All our food refrigeration products are developed to ensure that the user has a unique configuration of their equipment.

Our refrigerated range

Bottle coolers

Our bottle coolers guarantee perfectly chilled bottled drinks on demand.

Refrigerated undercounter

The under-counter refrigeration units are designed and produced to ensure the highest level of hygiene and energy efficiency.

Refrigerated cabinets

The COLD line from Ginox Swiss Kitchen combines sleek design with durable technology.

Partnerships with market leaders

At Ginox Swiss Kitchen, we pride ourselves on working with the best players in the market to provide our customers with high quality culinary solutions. We pride ourselves on working with partners chosen for their expertize, know-how and commitment to excellence.


Ginox Swiss Kitchen is proud to present a handpicked selection of our references.

Frequently updated, do not hesitate to visit us from time to time to discover new projects.

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