Hoods and exhaust ceilings combining design, durability and state-of-the-art technology

For more than 50 years, born of our industrial passion, GINOX ventilation hoods have been distinguished by their filtration efficiency, the high quality of their manufacturing, their simplicity of use, their innovative design and the significant energy savings they allow.

A team of highly specialised engineers is constantly working to improve our products for the daily well-being of users in the highly complex field of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and more particularly in the ventilation of professional kitchens.

GINOX is active throughout the entire life cycle of ventilation hoods and extraction ceilings, from initial concepts to technical data, from manufacturing to installation, as well as in the various maintenance phases.

A complete range of ventilation hoods and exhaust ceilings meets all of our customers’ requirements, whether with the PERFORMAIR hood with our fully automatic and environmentally friendly grease filtration and cleaning system or with our energy-saving ecoAzur® airflow control system.

GINOX develops solutions that combine simplicity, energy efficiency, safety, indoor air quality and respect for the environment.