Quality and warranty

In order to ensure its international development and to optimize its relations with demanding customers, the group works hard to support its belief : Quality of equipment, Quality of product, Quality of staff systematicaly lead to a happy customer.


Customized products

Ginox, as a label, is synonymous with customized concepts that include most of them of special designs. These concepts are the realization of the free flow self-service cafeteria with refrigeration equipment, and integrate naturally creating custom kitchens for top chefs.


Renowned for its strength, aesthetics and design, the range of products labeled Ginox also complies with thoughest Hygience requirements. Thus, the line "Hy Line" offering a furniture that is fixed away from walls and floors to allow easy cleaning.

Ginox Swiss Kitchen is also in favor of many global recognized standards and certifications :


Norm ISO 9001

The norm ISO 9001 manufacturing certification is one of them.