An energetic and Ambitious "Research and Development team" is the secret of Ginox innovation and creative concepts. Being armed with Hi-Tech machineries an up to date production process, Ginox Swiss Kitchen continue to reinforce its expertise and reputation by deliver an up to standard product and service to ensure the "Swiss Made" brand perception and quality expectation.


The R&D department

Piloted by highly qualified engineers, dedicated especially to develop throughout the year new systems that will save and optimize energy.

R&D cell

This cell allows to carry out tests, which include among others the new products, and thereby improve the performance of devices that leave the factory.

Hi Tech production machines

This technology is one of the strengths of Ginox. Therefore, in order to remain at the forefront of research, the two production centers Chailly-sur-Montreux and Ras Al Khaimah, these have been completely renewed the machinery with latest equipment in 2011.

Management of fabrication process

The expertise developed by the company covers all stages of the production process. Since the study, planning and design of equipment relating to all aspects of the production to final implementation and after-sales service.


Training Enterprise

The group also has provides the vocation training to the apprentices, and offers all its employees continuing education courses. The Manufacturing techniques, high accuracy, demand to develop a highly qualified staff.