Always at the forefront of research, Ginox Lab occupied the first position to create a hood system with heat recovery. Thus, for 20 years, the company manufactures and markets a patented system of ventilation hoods for commercial kitchens with self cleaning filter ; A process that guarantees a extensive reduction of fat without human intervention.


Continuously refined, this flagship is experiencing a spectacular development with the marketing world premiere, a hood with a new technology that recovers heat from the system. And so far, for example, it can produce hot water or heating a dining room. As a result of 2 years of research, this technological advancement provide gains for customers who are far from negligible, both in economically and environmentally measures. Further research to evoke some cases is focused on the development of environmentally friendly coolants and CFC-free foam insulation.

Ginox Swiss Kitchen benefits from many environmental and manufacturing certifications :

The norm ISO 14001 enivronmental certification is one of them.